About the award

The Ibrahim Al-Zuwaid National Development Award aims at promoting good citizenship and honoring the national contributions and initiatives emanating from various national sectors and sectors of Saudis in the development of the Kingdom and achieving its development plans and visions in line with its vision 2030.


The award is based on the belief of the institution that offers it the importance of continuous and sustainable development in promoting a better reality on the economic and social level, as well as the importance of mainstreaming faith in development across the spectrum of society.

the message:

The award seeks to acknowledge the recognition of excellence and support for all national models supervising the Saudi society that contribute to the service of the country and citizens, and seeks to provide a supervisory image of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Objectives of the Award:

Encourage all initiatives, contributions and entrepreneurial actions that contribute to national development, and motivate those in charge.

Development of belonging to the homeland and rooting the values ​​of citizenship among all segments of Saudi society.

Providing an atmosphere of constructive competition among those familiar with the development works that contribute to the prosperity and development of the country.

Provide the owners of emerging development projects with the necessary expertise to strengthen their projects.

Strive to exchange experiences between individuals and national institutions and localize efforts to achieve common goals that benefit all society.

Work to build national competencies and leadership through direct support, honoring and sponsorship.